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Welcome to Vintage Autoworks

Here at Vintage Autoworks we see it a little differently; Restoration is far more than the fixing of a classic car. It is truly a labor of love. Each automobile carries with it its own history and reminds us of a special time in our lives. Vintage Autoworks shares those memories. Each restoration allows us to revisit our first love of British, Italian, German and over the last year American Vehicles from the late 1940 to the mid 1970s, with automotive restoration experts, our restoration services involve the highest levels of mastery, commitment and pride. By combining old world craftsmanship with modern day technology we return classic vehicles from the past back to their original splendor.


We are a close knit group of automotive enthusiasts who truly enjoy working with our valued clients to bring their classic car to exactly the point that they want it. Whether that be a concours restoration, a modern performance upgrade, or simply a maintenance program. We at Vintage Autoworks take extreme pride in each and every vehicle that comes into our facility. Give us the opportunity to add your name to our list of satisfied customers.

Some of the key projects we have worked on have been for car collectors and car enthusiasts.These includes Classic Cars, Antique cars, such as Ferrari, Jaguars, MG, Lamborghini, Ford Mustangs.  GTO, Buicks and many more. Visit our Project and Gallery page to see some of our work.