The looks and condition of a vintage cars is the first thing that one notices. Even though the engine, interior and ofcourse drivability of a car is very important first look and impression is a key. At Vintage Autoworks we take pride in the looks of your car. That is why Fabrication is a key ingredient of our restoration process. When doing a complete restoration and a car is driven off our facility we want to make sure you feel you are driving away a car that just came off the assembly line even if it is a 1946 Vintage vehicle.

Engine Works

Our key specialty is engine rebuilt, engine restoration and engine performance. After all Engine is heart of any Vintage car. Every beat and every function of every valve must be perfect and precise. When our customers drive their car after a complete restoration or just an engine work we hear it hundreds of times. “I love the way my car’s engine sounds and performs”.

Dash Board

Not just in a Vintage car but in any car the dash is what every driver spends their time controlling a drivability of the car. After the body the dash is what everyone notices. We take pride in our dash work as part of the interior work. We custom the dash to every customer’s desires and ofcourse in a vintage car in majority of cases to its original look and feel.


Parts sourcing for a vintage car is actually one of the most complicated and time consuming part of restoration for obvious reasons. Because of our years of experience in this filed we have built and established relationships with vintage cars parts companies around the world. We make sure that we always acquire and source the best parts for every cars in our facility. We call it “we go to the ends of the world to get the right part”.